We are nothing if not true to our word. And Shine is made up of many, which you can explore right here in our glossary of terms.

Click on a letter to reveal just some of the words that sum up what we’re about. More to follow, so keep coming back to see our glossary grow.


We bring the sauce.

That fiery burst of flavour which gets those creative juices flowing and leaves audiences with a super sweet taste.


Every idea starts with a scribble that twists and turns, before transforming into a masterpiece.

Ultimately shaping the blueprint for a new brand, global campaign, ground-breaking website or even something more.


3D technical illustration and animation, just one of many specialist skills in our arsenal.

We’re somewhat of a master at bringing even the most technically challenging products to life, as you may be able to tell from this super complex component we tackled for global technology leaders, TE Connectivity. To learn exactly how we brought it to life, read our case study here.


Service with a smile, guaranteed.

We’re a happy bunch – even when the projects are piling up or time isn’t on our side.


We can be.

If you want to grab a coffee or a beer, give us a call and we’ll be first to the bar. But if you want to explore social in another context, click on the icons to check out our relevant social media channels.


There is always, always a solution.

We know from over two decades of experience that there is always a solution to any challenging project thrown our way. Navigating all the bumps in the road is what we do best, which is why it forms one of our core values – the rest of which you can explore here.


A mesmerising murmuration our founder Sam captured back in Dorset. 

Got us thinking, should we be looking to the skies for more than just spectacle but strategy too?

See the way together, these starlings twist and turn, unanimously embracing a change in course? Perhaps this is a vital lesson we also can learn in business.

Collectively striving towards the same goal. Reacting faster to new opportunities. Knowing when to pivot when something simply isn’t working. Nature can be our greatest teacher, if we allow it to be.


We’re all used to wearing multiple hats, but here’s a few you’ll find on our heads while guiding your brand.

“The Safari” – Worn on the road to brand discovery, unearthing the bones of a business.

“The Showstopper” – Essential for identifying all the creative ways to dazzle your customers!

“The Gendarme” – Embodying our role as brand guardians, policing the very hallmark of your business.


Home is where the Hart is.

Proud to be part of our little Hampshire community – and even prouder to work with Hart District Council in designing their bi-annual edition of Hart News, which celebrates the very best of local life.



Art is an authentic expression of who we are, which is why our creative pursuits extend far beyond the studio.


We have these daily.

Just for 15 minutes to check in, establish any project blockers, as well as catch up on what impossible tasks have come in overnight. We also talk a bit of nonsense to stay sane.


We’re full of them. Over 150 Christmas concepts later and we’re still not short of inspiration for our longstanding client, Toolbank.

Explore exactly where these ideas have led, right here in our case study.


Pen, pencil, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Whatever our weapon of choice, we are well versed in producing impactful and engaging illustrations across all sorts of mediums, from simple line drawings and colour creations to technical 3D illustration and full character design – just see how the mischievous ‘Ratty’ came to life here in Colas Rail’s safety campaign.


The right results will be delivered.

Delivering the right answer with plenty of time to spare is the easy part. But even without this luxury, trust us when we say the right results will be delivered – it’s one of our core values. And there’s plenty more where that came from, right here.


Product names are our game.

Descriptive words, real words, made-up words, blended words, even misspelled words – the possibilities are endless when it comes to names. But our process starts by truly getting under the skin of your product to work out precisely where we can pitch it – just read this case study here to explore the story behind TE Connectivity’s ‘HIVONEX’.


Our clients constantly use us as a sounding board for brainstorming new ideas or bouncing off thoughts. It goes without saying, we’re always up for a chat.


It might not offer the bright lights some of our larger clients are used to but Hartley Wintney is home. For us, the calmness of country life is just what we need to get creative.


The original data capture. We’ve come a long way since the days of index cards.


The moments when our clients take time out of their busy schedules to send us a thank you card or share their appreciation – that means a lot.


…as a beaver! Try us – nothing is ever too much trouble.


No egos here. Just good eggs by the dozen.*

* Yes, we know there’s only six.


Without fail, our biggest elephant in the room has got to be Microsoft.

Be it Heffalump PowerPoint, Jumbo Excel or Dumbo Word, it’s hard to convince the team that these are lovable clumsy packages. But everything has a purpose – and we are always ready to be creatively challenged!


Education is the foundation upon which everything is built.

Just ask our client the Educational Trusts’ Forum, who help vulnerable children and families through educational grants – and we’ve had the pleasure of supporting for the past 10+ years.


Never to be forgotten.

Explore our blogpost here on The Art of Social Etiquette to hear why good manners go a long way.


A blank canvas, a few tubes of acrylic and a good playlist…all you need to escape from the everyday.

Original artwork, created by our talented team. For commissions, please reach out via hello@shinecreative.co.uk


The extra mile is there to be travelled.

Staying late to meet a deadline. Providing an extra update for peace of mind. Speaking up when there’s a potential pitfall in the plan. Whatever the details may be, we believe that small actions go a long way when it comes to making our clients’ lives that tiny bit easier. Explore the rest of our core values here.

your word?

Speaking our clients’ language is what we do best. Let’s work together to establish your word and more importantly, your story.