Colas rail Accidents are no joke campaign illustration

Colas Rail

Global safety campaign


Stopping accidents in their tracks

As a leading provider of rail infrastructure services, Colas Rail takes its duty of care extremely seriously – calling for a new ‘Slips, Trips and Falls’ safety campaign to build on the momentum of its overarching ‘Free to be Safe’ movement. From character development, animations and GIFs to posters, leaflets and giveaways, this campaign evolved into a complete suite of global marketing assets that clearly communicated the importance of site safety.

Colas rail Accidents are no joke campaign posters
Colas rail Accidents are no joke brochure
Colas rail high up means high risk campaign illustration

“Despite the serious nature of this project, our tongue-in-cheek approach proved a great way of overcoming the stigma of site safety – using humour to break down the taboo of asking for help or taking precaution.”

Amy Finn ,
Copywriter ,
Shine Creative

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