The Art of Social Etiquette in Business

We say it time and time again, but good relationships are at the core of good business. After all, common courtesy is simply to be expected – it’s not an additional service.

In fact, our founder Sam often speaks of her late grandmother and aunt as the inspiration behind Shine’s very own traditional values.

Fondly nicknamed ‘the Queen’ by family members, Sam’s aunt was vigorous in upholding the good manners that are so frequently spared in this day and age. From relinquishing the use of electronic devices at the Christmas Day dinner table, to composing ‘garden party’ invitations in the style of Debrett, you could count on every occasion to be celebrated with the upmost class and civility.

For Sam, good graces aren’t just a family affair however – but something that continues to shape and underpin her entire approach to business.

Shine was born at a time of frustration, when these principles simply weren’t valued enough in the corporate world. Ever since, we have been on a mission to bring social etiquette back to the table – a meticulously laid one at that!

For us, flawless service is the rule and not the exception. We want to work alongside our clients as true partners in crime, always going the extra mile to make sure they feel protected and valued, whilst being attentive to their needs and demands.

You won’t catch us peaking at our phones or sneakily replying to emails over your shoulder (yes, this really does happen). When we’re with our clients, they hold our full attention.

It really is as simple as that. You don’t have to be a traditionalist to apply social etiquette, and it also needn’t be a chore. Social etiquette is merely the act of gaining respect and keeping the happiness of those around you at the forefront of your mind.

Even at a practical level, behaving in a cordial and proactive manner is the best way to get stuff done – who wants to work with someone who is uncooperative?

Treat people as you would like to be treated, and the law of attraction will send the good vibes back around!

Who are the social sticklers in your life? What tales can you recall of any past traditions? Get in touch over on LinkedIn to let us know the good graces that you stand by… we’d love to hear from you!