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Bringing a new YouTube brand into focus

Capturing the many species and spectacles of nature, WildLens is an inspiring new YouTube channel, dedicated to sharing engaging stories of conservation and adventure. To launch the brand, a bold visual identity and strapline was required that could make a mark online – with the goal of compelling eco-venturers to tune in and take action. Combining the sense of a camera lens with the abstract shape of a globe, our captivating visual identity reinforced not only the channel name, but the natural ‘world’ influence. This, alongside our supporting strapline ‘Buckle up for an untamed adventure’, successfully told the story behind WildLens, while generating excitement and anticipation for what’s to come.

Wildlens logo options
wildlens strap graphic
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“What we are unable to do, Shine does for us – they do all the thinking, coming up with innovation and creativity to let our brand SHINE!”

Paul Gardiner ,
Founder ,
Wild Lens

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