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Counting down to match day, naked

Ever since clinching the ‘double’ back in 2020, Premiership rugby team Exeter Chiefs have secured their place in the sporting hall of fame. As their official design partner, we have been thrilled to support them on their road to victory, sponsoring their iconic charity calendar series ‘EXPOSED’ now for five years. From concept and design to photography art direction, messaging and social media, we’ve been super hands-on…all in support of the Exeter Chiefs Foundation, of course!

Exeter chiefs calendar
Exeter chiefs calendar photo
Exeter chiefs calendar
Exeter chiefs team photo calendar

“I’ve spent many a cold Saturday afternoon watching Chiefs from the stands, but it was a whole new experience being up close and personal! It’s incredibly brave of the players to put themselves in such vulnerable positions, however their willingness to support their local community by helping to raise funds for the Exeter Chiefs Foundation is a real eye opener. The pleasure was all mine!”

Sam Stokes ,
Owner ,
Shine Creative

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