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Bringing conservation to the big screen

It is our belief that nature is our greatest ally, which is why we invest our creative energy into conservation NGOs like The European Nature Trust (TENT), an organisation dedicated to protecting and restoring wild areas in Europe. TENT regularly hosts film premieres to raise funds for conservation, from ‘Why Not Scotland?’ and ‘Riverwoods: An Untold Story’ to ‘Wild Abruzzo: The Spirit of Untamed Italy’ and ‘Unknown Belize: An Eden to Protect’ – and as their official design partner, we’re proud to have created visual event identities and toolkits of marketing assets to promote nature restoration.

The European Nature Trust wild abruzzo - the spirit of untamed italy
The European Nature Trust unknown belize ad eden to protect

“Shine has been instrumental in helping us communicate our vision for nature recovery in Europe. Their branding work for our charity events has enabled us to sell more than 900 tickets on events we’ve worked on together, raising more than £100,000 for nature.”

Jacob Dykes ,
Conservation Manager ,
The European Nature Trust

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