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Launching a new ecommerce brand across borders

After launching as a new division, SEKO Ecommerce required an identity that retained a strong connection to the parent brand but could make its own mark. Since the four service pillars of SEKO Ecommerce naturally aligned to the sides of a square – and more importantly, a parcel – ‘The Box’ provided an incredible visual mechanism to define the brand. Whether coming to life in the launch animation, expanding into our vibrant hero imagery or inspiring their impressive exhibition stand.

Seko Ecommerce Instagram post designs
SEKO Ecommerce event stands
SEKO Ecommerce

“Shine totally transformed SEKO’s traditional branding and took it to the next level; developing a new vibrant stand-out Ecommerce creative and launch strategy. Thinking ‘outside the box’, the Shine team went above and beyond to execute. Huge kudos to the team!”

Dave Emerson ,
Chief Commercial Officer EMEA ,
SEKO Logistics

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