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If Opera

Discovery Membership campaign


Setting the stage for a new era of opera

Although marvelled by many, opera is an art form that is somewhat misunderstood. And that’s exactly what Westcountry ensemble company If Opera is trying to change through its new ‘Discovery Membership’ – with a show-stopping campaign required to launch the initiative and inspire audiences to open themselves up to opera. Our ‘First times define a lifetime’ concept not only reinforced the emotional themes of the genre, but the significance of exposing yourself to new experiences – so audiences were encouraged to embrace this magnificent art form. Expanding into everything from postcards to social posts and website assets, this campaign resulted in a 25% membership uptake, setting the stage for an entirely new audience.

If opera billboard outside
If Opera advertisement
If opera sign being held up
If Opera instagram post on phone

“Working with Shine has been one of the highlights of my time at If Opera. The creative spirit of the team is so energising, and I look forward to every conversation with them – I know they will inspire me to think more imaginatively about the work we are doing.”

Honour Bayes ,
Marketing and Publicity Manager ,
If Opera

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