Bear Grylls Survival academy

Bear Grylls Survival Academy

Visual identity and brand guardianship


Taking a global brand in a new direction

Our relationship with Bear Grylls Survival Academy first began over a decade ago, when we were appointed as brand guardians to create a unique identity that spoke to the parent brand yet carved its own path. Beyond just the logo – which has since appeared on our designs for livery, merchandise, and a whole bunch of assets  – we also established the identity behind their survival courses, inspired by Bear’s connection to the Scouts.

Bear Grylls Survival academy badges
foot print in the mud
Bear Grylls Survival academy brochure
Bear Grylls Survival academy logo on a 4x4
Bear Grylls Survival academy starting a fire

“BGSA have worked with Shine Creative since our launch in 2012. They have since become an integral part of our wider team, having guided and advised us through multiple brand developments – all of which have proved to be an entirely stress-free experience because we knew we were in great hands!”

Kirsten Lovemore ,
Communications Manager ,
Bear Grylls Survival Academy

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