Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Pine Custodians campaign


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Championing the restoration of a lost eden

Scotland’s Caledonian pinewoods have long served as a sanctuary for wild boars, wolves, lynx and even bears. But now, after centuries of deforestation, only 2,000 of these ancient pines remain at Alladale Wilderness Reserve – and with the majority no longer able to regenerate naturally, rewilding has never been so critical. As a fellow conservation champion, we were honoured to not only work alongside acclaimed photographer Adrian Houston, but help this inspiring new campaign take root, encouraging all who share our ethos to become Custodians of Alladale’s ancient pines – with every tree purchased resulting in the planting and protection of fifty native saplings. From evolving their website to accomodate ecommerce functionality to pioneering the creative design behind a considered suite of elegant launch collateral, we hope our efforts contribute to sowing a seed of hope for the future of our precious ecosystems.

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