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As one of the UK’s most pioneering nature restoration projects, Alladale Wilderness Reserve has been transformed in recent years, not least through the replanting of over 1 million native trees and reintroduction of precious wildlife. Since ‘transformation’ is clearly a key part of their ethos, Alladale needed to restore more than just the local landscape, but their website too – seeking a new digital platform that could showcase the panoramic hills, reforested glens and everything in between. From scenic drone footage and stunning landscape photography to intricate maps and hand-drawn illustrations, the design of the website let the beauty of the Reserve do the talking – and by working closely with Alladale’s rangers and hospitality managers, we were able to gracefully capture all that makes this detox in the wild heart of the Highlands truly unique.

“Shine have consistently delivered stunning design work for both Alladale Wilderness Reserve and The European Nature Trust, helping us to connect more people with nature.”

Paul Lister ,
Custodian ,
Alladale Wilderness Reserve

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