The Story of Our Beloved Shine Illustration

Created by talented artist Dee Dee Ruffo Nash almost 20 years ago, our fabulous Shine illustration has come to form the heart of our brand, seamlessly weaving its way onto our social media, marketing collateral, office walls, website design and beyond. So we thought it was about time we told the tale of how it came to be!

Watch the video to explore our illustration in all its glory.

As you might expect, Shine has always been a giant melting pot of inspiration, where ideas flow and imaginations run wild. The brief was therefore to create an intricate and entirely unique illustration that captured the fluidity of how our weird but wonderful creative minds work – and everything that influences our process along the way.

Taking what’s known as a ‘constructive doodling’ approach, Dee Dee allowed her pen to spontaneously roam the page and take its own course, interweaving company values, client testimonials and more into a whole mesh of intricate line work.

Look closely and you’ll find the names of treasured team members (many of which are still with us today), amongst all sorts of other hidden gems. It really is an Easter egg hunt for all of the things that have come to define Shine – who we are, what we stand for and without a doubt, our meticulous attention and appreciation for detail!

Speaking on this glorious piece, our founder Sam commented:

“I’ve spent my life creative doodling in my mind. Every quiet moment is filled with fluid images that lead to visual delights, which ultimately result in innovative and impactful solutions for our clients. This beautiful illustration is proof of what awaits when we allow our imaginations to wander.

“The last however many years have flown by, but really, all of the same values in this artwork still stand. We are as focused as ever in delivering bright new ideas in the most personable manner possible. Decades later, we still find ourselves staring at this piece and uncovering pearls we’ve never seen before…we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

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