Empowering Creative Minds to Shine

Work experience is undoubtedly a valuable resource for young people, looking to dip a toe into design. However, like most things worth having, it’s not always easy to come by.

Lack of time and resource can immediately discourage small businesses from inviting newcomers in to learn the ropes. But while the realities of running a tight ship can sometimes interfere, inspiring fresh eyes should be a priority, if we are to invest in the future of our industry – especially at a time where there is so much talk of Ai taking over.

After 35+ years in the design game (nearly 25 of those spent running her own agency), our founder Sam has fostered lots of young talent along the way – so we sat down with her to discuss why business owners should empower the youth with the experience to enhance their creativity.

“Let’s be honest here, small business owners are generally stretched for time and pulled in every which way. Considering the number of emails which flood in every day, it’s only natural that we take a big sigh and contemplate how much handholding will be required when a work experience request lands, as well as what on earth we can keep them occupied with for the next 5 days.

“But then I think back to many years ago, when I myself sought the experience to start my journey into design. I too ventured into the commercial world, hoping to find an unsuspecting company that would take me under their wing and show me the ropes. I was lucky that it wasn’t long before a family friend put me in contact with a small design studio, right in the heart of the ‘cosmopolitan’ Slough Trading Estate!

“They threw me straight in, head first at the deep end. Before I had time to think about what my mother had packed me for lunch, I found myself helping with design scamps, creating illustrations and putting simple artwork files together. I was actually doing real work! And this is where my career in creative design first began.

“That’s why I wholeheartedly embrace the concept of work experience. Engaging young minds enables them to find their passion early and start to fly.”

“My attitude to design stems from pure creative, conceptual thinking – an approach that I believe is rarely taught to the modern design student.

“I think it’s important to pass on the traditional methods and ensure that we are nurturing new creative thinkers, not just Mac operators. Our industry is lacking this raw talent and we need to tap into creative brains early to capture it. Creativity is a gift not to be wasted.”

The lovely Jess joined us for a week of work experience not so long ago and we certainly kept her busy… here she is creating her own visual interpretations of our Shine core values!

If you know any budding young creatives who would love an insight into how this world works, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – our doors are always open!